“I had horrible headaches and had been taking medication every day for years. MRI’s showed nothing and I was tired of feeling bad. A friend suggested I try Dr. Foster and I’ve never looked back. The headaches are gone, but so are the aches and tension in my back and neck, and all sorts of symptoms I had been ignoring or tolerating. I come in on a regular basis to maintain the benefits of chiropractic – it’s like going to the gym. I’ve been in miserable pain, and I prefer feeling like this.” - Betty J.

“I’ve been a dancer for years and didn’t realize how much abuse my feet, knees and back had gotten. Someone suggested Dr. Foster could help my back, but also adjust my feet and knees. I come in every month to get everything back in place. I’ve never felt or danced
better!” -Ashley R.

“My back always hurt from working on a concrete floor in the plant and then going home to my farm. It was even getting hard to get out of bed because it hurt so much. Doc fixed me right up…that Decompression stretches me out and gets me back to work without the pain, and now I’ve got the energy to work on the farm at night.” -Chuck K.

“I can’t tell you how many specialists I’ve seen. PT’s, orthopedics, massage therapists, but Dr. Foster showed me what was wrong right on my x-rays. Two weeks after starting care with him, my problems are gone! Now I just get adjusted once a month and feel great!” -Peggy W.