Thank You for 19 Years!

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We are proud to celebrate 19 years of Foster Chiropractic Clinic! It’s hard to realize that much time has passed - the years have flown by.

So much has changed in nearly two decades – what a journey it has been (or maybe roller coaster is a better description.) The obvious changes are that I have a few more wrinkles and a little less hair. Our daughter, Taylor, was just a toddler when the practice opened and is now a sophomore in college, and our baby boy is now 6’1”.

But this celebration is really about you, our patients. Thanks to you we have grown the business, and I have continued to learn and grow as a chiropractor. When I graduated from chiropractic college in 1999, I knew all about how to adjust cervicals, thoracics, and lumbars. I was trained in taking x-rays, adjusting extremities, applying therapies, showing support exercises, and basic business practices. But it’s been the support, encouragement, commitment to health, and confidence in our care from our patients that has made all the difference.

The practice, our staff and I have weathered a lot over the years. In the economic downturn of 2009 many local businesses didn’t survive, but we did thanks to our loyal patients. In 2016, when I suffered a stroke and spent the summer recovering, our patients stuck by us. When Scott was shoveling snow from the parking lot, customers waited patiently until we were open. When the AC was out and we were all sweating, it became just another fun memory to share.

We also love the fact that our patients celebrate with us in the fun times. Remember when we dressed up in Halloween costumes, the Ice Bucket Challenge, holiday feasts of pulled pork and cake balls? You helped us donate fans to Senior Services, canned food for various local groups, water for those in need. You listened to my stories of parenting challenges, softball games, graduation plans, and beach vacations.

At this milestone for Foster Chiropractic Clinic, we want you to know how grateful we are for you, our patients. I truly believe the best is yet to be, but the past nineteen years wouldn’t be so special had it not been for you.